About Us

The established Bausen range from James Latham now has some new and exciting additions to our ever growing range of timber flooring.

Along with Oak hardwood flooring the Bausen range now offers options in both 15mm and 18/20mm Engineered flooring both in finish and texture.  15mm boards with a softwood core and 18/20mm boards with a Multiply Eucalyptus core.  Bausen can also supply a full range of accessories.

With the increase in demand for a wider option in hardwood floors, Bausen has introduced the Henshaw Collection for 2015.  The Henshaw Collection offers a 190mm wide plank floor with 10 different finishes and 3 different textures, and in keeping with the Lathams Ltd policy, we continue to look for further opportunities to introduce certified timber flooring at competitive prices.

Our 1757 Antique Engineered floors have continued to develop and we have added two new additions to this range.  Amboise and Charente, both of these engineered floors are available in the new super rustic antique finish with a super wide 220mm  plank.

In order to ensure our customers receive a quality product, investment has been made in a third party product certification scheme, “Q Mark”, which is operated by BM TRADA Certification Ltd. The scheme is based on recognised quality assurance standards (ISO 9001, EN45011/12, ISO Guide 62/65) and confirms compliance to specific wood flooring standards (product standards EN13226, EN13227, EN13228, EN13488, EN13489, EN13990, EN13629, EN14354 where relevant, in conjunction with EN14342). Presently, Baüsen is still one of the only flooring brands that offers this assurance to its customers in the UK.