We offer a full extensive range of 15, 18 and 20mm prefinished hardwood engineered floors, as well as a small collection of prefinished solid hardwood flooring from stock.


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Bausen brand offers grades as follows:

ABC - Natural


50% of this grade allows sound knots below 20mm and dead knots below 5mm, 30% sapwood allowed giving natural colour variation.

BCD - Rustic

Rustic - defects allowed, large knots filled. 100% of this grade allows living knots of 20mm and over. Colour variation unlimited, Knots putty filled before sanding and sealing.

The Antique Range


This product is solid oak selected from the rustic grade, then hand scraped and hand stained to give a unique antique appearance distinctive to this range. Finished with 7 coats of UV lacquer.


For more information on grading, please visit our BROCHURES SECTION  where individual product datasheets can be downloaded.